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On the Flip Side – Metallic Macro World

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Sometimes with the right angle, lighting, pattern, and technique, you can make the ordinary into extraordinary. When walking through the grocery store a few weeks ago, my wife stopped to look at a set of shiny new frying pans. Of course she was looking at them with a purely practical mindset. When I saw them I thought “Wow, that base would be cool to photograph with a macro lens!” So home they came.

After sprinkling a bit of water from the kitchen tap on the underswide of the pan I set it on the counter, upside down. At the same height as the subject, I setup a Bowens Gemini 200ws flash on a light stand with a Softlite Reflector and Clip-on Barndoors. Using a Nikon D300 with Nikon 105mm f/2.8 VR Micro lens I began finding the image and working the scene. Working different angles and areas of the pan I was able to take away two neat images.

The first image focuses directly on an abstract fractured fish shape created by three water drops.

Fractured and distorted abstract fish shape. (Stephen Harrison)

The second is a composite with one exposure near the spiral center of the underside of the frying pan, the second exposure being an out of focus highlight shot of the water drops coloured purple and composited ontop creating a cool glittering bokeh effect.

Glittery purple bokeh over metallic spiral. (Stephen Harrison)

A behind the scenes setup shot displaying the location and placement of light in relation to the subject:

Bowens Gemini 200 with Softlite Reflector and Clip-on Barndoors. (Stephen Harrison)

Next time you’re out at the grocery store, keep an eye open for those neat items that might photograph well under the lens!

The Almost Friday Show Intro Video

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Last month local Ottawa artist and friend Quinn Brown of From The Wall Photography asked for a helping hand in creating an intro sequence for his great weekly video podcast “The Almost Friday Show ” with fellow geeks Scott Champagne, Sam Lo, Dave Russell and Sean Horn. You can view the intro video by clicking on Episode 6 or newer.

It was a fun photo shoot, with the key piece of equipment being a Nikon D300 DSLR w/ Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 lens set on continuous drive mode (low) at 3fps. Originally we had planned on using several off camera flash units to light the scene, but found they could not keep up with the high rate of fire. So thinking on our feet we switched gears and used a Nikon SB-800 Flash unit set manually to 1/16th power on the camera hotshoe in order to add consistent fill light in addition to the continuous studio lights. Because we were also incorporating available continuous light I set the camera to manual exposure and used a longer shutter speed (1/15th sec.) with an aperture of f/5 (to give enough Depth of Field to the images). ISO was set to 200 for cleanest image quality.

Quinn edited in the music and titles, and was very happy with how the final sequence turned out. Be sure to regularly check for new episodes of “The Almost Friday Show” to get your fill of tech news and geek talk.